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Who do I contact for help on using the portal?

If you have immediate questions about accessing the portal please email

How will I log into the portal?

To register you will need an email address, which will be your portal username and you will be provided with a single use password which you will change on first log-on.

Please use a strong password. Your password must contain a minimum of nine characters, a capital letter, at least one alphabetic character and two numeric value characters.

If you get locked out of the system please contact for a password reset.

How will I be able to change my password?

Once you have logged in to the portal, you can use the links on the right hand side to update your password.

What if information is missing?

As the Provider Portal is a view into the Council’s finance system then if something is missing then it has not been purchased. Please contact the social worker.

Will I be able to see past remittances?

You will only be able to access information from our current system, so only information on payments in the current system will have remittances.

What will the columns mean in the actuals screen?

When completing Non-Timetabled Actuals, the following options are available:

The following fields are displayed — the number of visits is for information only, and are not required to be completed for every actual:

  • Actual - shows the Actual quantity delivered, the units and the unit cost
  • Service Level - the specific level of service. for example. External Domiciliary Care - Tiered, Home Care External - Spot
  • Pl. (Planned) - number of planned service units (according to the contract)
  • Frustd. (Frustrated) - number of service units originally planned, but missed by the Service User
  • Msd. (Missed) - number of service units originally planned, but missed by the provider
  • Xtr. (Extra) - number of extra service units delivered in addition to those planned
  • Vst. (Visits) - total number of visits to the Service User (informational)
  • Total Cost - this shows the total cost; either based on the Actual + Frustrated quantity or the Planned Quantity, depending on payment terms
  • Comments - Free text field for comments: Compulsory if there has been an over- / underdelivery of planned care

For Timetabled Actuals, the correct dates and times should be selected / de-selected to record the actual visits. Add new rows for Frustrated Visits or where the planned timetable has change.

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