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Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy

The Passenger Transport Network

The main purpose of Worcestershire’s Passenger Transport Network is to provide an efficient, resilient and integrated system which provides access for everyone to a wide range of services and facilities which are essential for a good quality of life. These include employment, education, health, retail and leisure.

Our priorities will include home to work and home to school journeys. A healthy commercial network is critical in delivering this.

The main providers of passenger transport services in Worcestershire are commercial organisations that operate local bus services on a profit-making basis, as envisaged when the local bus service market outside London was de-regulated in 1985. It is important for Worcestershire residents that commercial bus networks are attractive, efficient and stable. Well-run networks can meet the needs of local people by providing a transport network which reduces congestion, vehicular emissions and provides access to a wide range of employment and wider life-enhancing opportunities.

While commercial bus services are outside the Council’s direct control, we will work in co-operation with commercial operators to help deliver an efficient, reliable bus network which meets the needs of the people of Worcestershire and encourages increased use of local transport services.

We hope to encourage operators to achieve this by:

  • working closely with them to identify problems and find solutions to ensure an efficient and integrated network
  • ensuring passenger transport operators do not suffer unduly from congestion resulting from planned roadworks
  • working with them to improve reliability and punctuality of services
  • developing quality partnerships with operators
  • supporting integration, ensuring that journeys using more than one means of transport are feasible with seamless transitions at key transport hubs including rail stations
  • working with key local businesses and employers to encourage promotion of passenger transport services