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Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy

The need for a Passenger Transport Strategy

Bus use in Worcestershire has declined over the last 50 years which reflects the national trend. Worcestershire is committed to improving journey times and reliability for all road-based transport, the quality of the local environment and making passenger transport services more attractive for our residents.

Worcestershire County Council recognises that the strategy is required to support the scale of planned future growth which includes, for example, housing and employment within the county.

There is now less funding available to support passenger transport services, so it is important to develop a strategy which prioritises the limited funding in a way which will sustain the commercial transport network, while still meeting Worcestershire’s transport needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Worcestershire County Council is dedicated to providing good quality, best value services to its residents. Like all councils across the UK, Worcestershire has faced significant budget reductions in recent years, which limits the ability of the Council to subsidise and support the passenger transport network, particularly when set against fuel price inflation and other cost increases facing the bus industry. It is essential that Worcestershire County Council monitors spending carefully and ensures that we use clear and consistent criteria when we make funding decisions.

The strategy cannot be developed in isolation and in preparing it, the Council has taken account into account existing strategies, the size and population of the County and current financial conditions.