Accessing support as a carer for an adult

We recognise the vital role that carers fill in supporting people with a wide range of care and health needs and are committed to supporting carers to continue to do this. The Council works in partnership with the Integrated Carers Hub (Worcestershire Association of Carers (opens in new window) or call 0300 012 4272) to provide support and advice to carers and help them access the resources they need. Having a conversation with a social or health care worker or someone working in the Carers Hub is your opportunity to talk about your needs and feelings as a carer. This will help us to better understand.

  • how caring impacts on your life 
  • the support needed to help you to continue to provide care or to decide who should provide this if you are unable to continue
  • the impact your caring role is having on your own health and family commitments as well as your work, education and training needs.

You can choose to discuss your needs as a carer with us either at the same time as we consider the needs of the person that you provide support for, or separately, at any time. If the person you support does not get any help from the council you are still able to access support and advice as a carer.

You can use our online form to arrange for someone to contact you and start a conversation about your role as a carer and the support you need:

Contact form (opens in a new window)

or speak to the Adult Contact Team by phone on 01905 768053

You can also contact Worcestershire Association of Carers who can also provide you directly with information and advice as well as refer you for a full carer assessment if you require one.