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Exhibition Space

Are you interested in exhibiting?

Are you an artist, craftsperson or an organisation and are you interested in exhibiting your work at your local Library?

To do this you will need to apply directly to your local library in writing marking your envelope 'Art Application'.

Your application should include:

  • Which library you would like to exhibit at
  • What your exhibition will be called
  • A brief description of the theme, materials used, the number of pieces to show and rough sizes of your work
  • Your preferred exhibition dates
  • Some information about yourself or your organisation   
  • Some photographs of your work (please include a stamped addressed envelope for their return)

Arts Mailing Lists

To help us keep you informed about arts events and initiatives, Worcestershire County Council and all six District Councils in the county have joined forces to provide a new Arts Mailing List.  

The service is designed to cater for all interests, from occasional visitors to professional artists and performers.

For further details and how to register please contact your local library.