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Biodiversity Action Plan

In common with the rest of the UK, and indeed the planet, Worcestershire has suffered huge losses of natural habitats and species. The 2018-2027 Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) identifies 17 habitats and 26 species, or species groups, which are of particular conservation priority in the county. The Worcestershire Biodiversity Partnership is an association of local government, statutory, voluntary and public bodies committed to working together to deliver the BAP.

Each individual Action Plan gives an overview of the current status of the habitat or species in Worcestershire, identifies threats to it and current areas of work or activity being undertaken by partners. The plan then presents aims and objectives for the conservation of that habitat or species over the ten-year lifespan of the BAP.

View the Habitat and Species Biodiversity Action Plans

Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan

The first Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan was launched in 1998 and the second edition in 2008. The Worcestershire Biodiversity Partnership has recently reviewed its performance in delivering the Targets and Actions contained within the second edition of the Biodiversity Action Plan.

View the report on delivery of the 2008-2017 Biodiversity Action Plan

Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan Mapping Tool

This online mapping tool was developed to provide an element of spatial targeting to the BAP. The map uses the Environmental Character Area units of landscape, developed for the county's Green Infrastructure Strategy, as the basis for enabling users to see which BAP habitats and species are of most relevance to different geographical parts of the county. Clicking on the map will launch a pop-up box containing a list of the Biodiversity Action Plans, highlighting which of the Plans it is most recommended you read and take account of based on the Environmental Character Area your location falls within. You can also navigate the map using a postcode, grid reference or parish name.

Access the Biodiversity Action Plan Mapping Tool