Worcestershire Pollinator Strategy

Worcestershire Pollinator Strategy

In October 2015 Worcestershire County Council declared itself a ‘pollinator-friendly’ county.

We are pollinator-friendly

In October 2015 Worcestershire County Council declared itself a ‘pollinator-friendly’ county. 

In practice this means promoting good practice in our own work and on other projects we contribute to, alongside initiatives by our partner organisations – the Wildlife Trust, Natural England and the district councils. 

Worcestershire Pollinator Strategy 2020-2025 sets out the local objectives that we believe must be addressed to play our part in slowing and reversing the dramatic decline of pollinators globally.

The strategy brings together aims within the Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan that relate specifically to pollinators or their habitats. 

It is our vision that Worcestershire will be rich in native flower-rich habitats, helping to support sustainable pollinator populations, which in turn support a sustainable and thriving agricultural and horticultural sector, and make places more attractive for people to live and work in.

Worcestershire Pollinator Strategy (PDF)


The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and Worcestershire Habitat Inventory (WHI) webpages allow interested parties to search for BAP habitats and species relevant to an area of search. 

These tools can assist local groups or parishes in identifying the actions for pollinators that are most relevant in a specific area of the county.

Buglife’s B-Lines

We have worked with the invertebrate conservation charity Buglife to identify ‘B-Lines’ through Worcestershire. 

These are lines along which biodiversity might be re-connected, across the whole of the UK – it is an ambitious and innovative scheme attempting to mitigate the effects of decades of increasingly fragmented habitats.

The B-Line corridors make use of existing high quality habitats, however there is a lot of work to be done to join them together. With its overlapping and complementary aims and objectives, actions taken under the Worcestershire Pollinator Strategy can also contribute to filling out the B-Lines, and we encourage local groups and parishes to add any pollinator projects to the Buglife map.

For more information please visit Buglife - B-Lines website.

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