In-Year Applications

Which ages and year groups does In-Year encompass?

Please see the Tier Groups by District page and find out which year group your child will be in.

How can I apply for an In-Year school place?

In the case of all applications the parent should forward the form onto the School Admissions Section. The application form is an editable form so you can complete it and save it on your own device and then return it via email.  You can print and return the form via post but please be aware, we have limited access to postal applications and there may be a delay in us receiving any post.  In the first instance please send all applications via email directly to this office at:

Download: In-Year Application Form

Complete the application form and ensure Section 6 of the form is completed by your child’s current or most recent school.

You need to look at the published admission criteria for each school you are placing as a preference. Sometimes you may be required to submit extra information (such as a baptism certificate or letter from your church) before your application can be considered under a particular admission criterion.

If your preference is for an Academy, Foundation, Free or Voluntary Aided school, you are advised to refer to the individual school's prospectus or contact the school direct to find out if you need to complete an additional (supplementary) form for the school as well as completing the In-Year Application Form.

You may enter up to three preferences on the application form. You are not required to use all three preferences, however you should consider all schools in an area in case your application for your higher preference schools are unsuccessful. If the local authority cannot offer your child a place at your preferred schools, you will usually be offered the next nearest school to your home address that has a place available, following consultation with that school. By including three preferences, it helps the local authority consider schools that you would find acceptable for your child.

How will I know that you have received my application?

The School Admissions Team will consult the preferred schools on receipt of the application and will let parents know if an offer can be made at any of the preferred schools, normally within ten school days of receiving the application. As mentioned above however, this may take longer given the current national circumstances.

What if my child lives outside Worcestershire?

If you are applying for a school within Worcestershire in-year, even if you live outside of Worcestershire, you should complete the CA1 application form and forward the form onto the School Admissions Section.

Applications from UK service personnel and other Crown Servants will be considered in advance of their arrival in Worcestershire. Subject to the provision of the appropriate proof required by the School Admissions Code (proof of posting or proof of relocation date and intended address). Please contact the School Admissions Team, if you require further clarification about how we will consider your application.

Where can I find the Worcestershire In-Year scheme?

You will find full details at co-ordinated scheme in-year applications 2021

My child has an Education Health Care Plan, how do I apply to change their school?

Parents should contact their child's current school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or SEN casework officer to discuss a change of school for their child.  This should be done as part of a review of the EHCP.

How can my child be placed on a waiting list for a particular school?

Waiting lists for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools are maintained by the School Admissions and Transfers Section, and parents need to apply in order to be included. For full details on how to apply please refer to Section 7.5 of the Information for Parents Book.

Waiting lists for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools are operated in line with the admissions criteria as published in Section 7.3 of the Information for Parents Book. Please refer to the relevant section for full details.

Waiting lists for Academy, Foundation, Free and Voluntary Aided Schools, are maintained by the individual schools and parents will need to contact the school directly in order to be included.  Your decision letter will include the details of how and where you should make this request.

You should be aware that a school waiting list is an active document. As parents request for their children to be included on the list, the position of an individual child already on the list can change. A waiting list does not give priority based simply on the date an application was added to the list.

Can I still visit a school prior to making an In-Year application?

Before making your application, we would advise you to take time to make contact with schools in your area. Find out about what happens there everyday, talk about how you could be involved, find out about how children learn and the other activities which they are involved in.   

Applications for 2021

Standard in-year applications for school places in September 2021 will be considered following the Summer 2021 half term school holiday. We would therefore advise that to ensure that your application will be considered for September, you apply mid-June. If you apply later in July and/or during the school holidays, there is no guarantee that your application will be processed in time for a September start.

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Download: In-Year Applications Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)