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Have your say Worcestershire Children First

Hello, ‘Have Your Say' is your opportunity to share your views, wishes and feelings with us on how you experience our services and on matters that are important to you about our work with you. When you submit the information this will be sent to Worcestershire Children First, one of our team will match this to your records and it will be saved, an alert will be sent to your allocated worker, so they know your views and what has been shared.

This is monitored on every working day, this means, if you are trying to contact someone in an emergency or you have a problem, using this service in an emergency, or you are feeling unsafe, or during out of hours, like in the evening, weekends or bank holidays, means messages won't get to your worker until the next working day.

If you need support look at our online services at: Children, young people and families

Download: Guidance for using the portal for professionals (PDF)
Download: Guidance for children and young people (PDF)

If you need help please contact our Family Front Door on: 01905 822666

If you need urgent help out of normal working hours, please contact our out of hours Emergency Duty Service to speak with a Social Worker on: 01905 768020

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