Waste management

Waste management

Managing waste with Worcestershire County Council.

What happens to your waste

Find out what happens to your recycling and your rubbish.

Let's Waste Less

Helping you to reduce your waste, reuse, repair and recycle more.

Household Recycling Centres

Household Recycling Centres (HRC) are provided in Herefordshire and Worcestershire for the residents of the two counties to recycle and dispose of their household waste.

Landfill environmental monitoring services

We have been monitoring and managing landfill sites for over 20 years and currently monitor 17 sites for a number of Local Authorities.

Waste contract

Worcestershire County Council, along with Herefordshire Council, currently have their waste contract with Severn Waste Services.

Waste strategy

The Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (JMWMS) was reviewed and adopted by the Partnership Authorities in 2011.

Commercial Vehicle and Trailer (CVT) permits

Permit scheme for vehicles and trailers that wish to use a Household Recycling Centre.

Waste prevention programmes privacy notice

Our privacy notice sets out how we, Worcestershire County Council, collect, store and handle your personal information and what your information rights are.

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