Cycling and pedestrian improvements

Cycling and pedestrian improvements

We’re investing more into walking and cycling provision than we have in the last 50 years.

Emergency Active Travel Corridors

Worcestershire submitted two bids, which have secured £784,700 for investment in active travel measures across the county, as set out in the Worcestershire Local Transport Plan.

Kepax walking and cycling bridge

A scheme to deliver a new walking and cycling bridge across the River Severn in Worcester was approved by the Council’s Planning and Regulatory Committee on 28 September 2021.

Hampton pedestrian and cycling bridge

Worcestershire County Council is proposing a new pedestrian and cycling bridge in Evesham.

Proposed Evesham local cycling and walking improvements

The Government’s 2020 ‘Gear Change’ plan has the headline objective of making cycling and walking the natural choices for half of all shorter journeys by 2030.

Ronkswood Active Travel Routes

These works form part of our commitment to improving walking and cycling routes across the county, and will include brand-new resurfaced routes; offering enhanced provision for cyclists and pedestrians travelling in the area and beyond.

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