Redditch town centre improvements

Redditch town centre improvements

On this page you can find more information about improvements being made to Market Place and Alcester Street.

Current improvement work in Redditch Town centre

Earlier phases have already been delivered in Alcester Street and Market Place.

This final and third phase of improvements form part of the Redditch Transport Strategy outlined in the current Worcestershire Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4) supporting regeneration and economic growth.

Public space upgrades will focus on:

  • Unicorn Hill
  • Church Green West and
  • St Stephen’s churchyard

The scheme will deliver a high-quality public realm using sustainable, maintainable and appropriate surfacing materials which will complement the surrounding space and could extend to replacement LED street lighting.

Construction is planned for late summer and autumn 2024.

Download: Redditch Public Real Phase 3 Map - Unicorn Hill (PDF)

Download: Redditch Public Real Phase 3 Map - Church Green West (PDF)

Map Description: These maps show the various works that will be taking place along Unicorn Hill and Church Green West.

Market Place improvements background

Improvement works on Market Place, Redditch were part of the Council’s wider Town Centre Improvement Programme.

The works on Market Place link in with previous improvement works that took place in 2017 on Alcester Street and Church Green East.

Completed work in Alcester Street and Church Green East

Key components of the scheme were

  • replacement of central drainage channel on Evesham Walk
  • full refresh of paving at the junction of Evesham Walk and Market Place
  • full refresh of paving down Market Place into Mercian Square
  • link in with previous improvement works.

Scheme objectives were

  • improve street aesthetics
  • improve footfall and time spent on the street
  • encourage the use of non-vehicular transport
  • improve safety for all users

Alcester Street, Redditch

The scheme to improve Alcester Street, Grove Street, Peakman Street and Church Green East was formulated following a public consultation exercise in 2011.

The improvement scheme consisted of a number of measures including:

  • resurfacing the pavements and roads
  • improving drainage
  • the replacement of unsuitable tree species
  • the installation of new street furniture eg bins, seats and planters

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