Understanding and managing your energy bills (business)

Understanding and managing your energy bills (business)

Business energy contracts differ from domestic contracts. The Energy Price Cap (which sets a maximum price suppliers can charge domestic consumers) doesn’t apply to business energy contracts. It is, therefore, important that you understand the different types of contract you can  establish and any support available. 

Ofgem are the independent energy regulator in Great Britain and ensure fair treatment for all consumers. 

Energy prices have risen sharply in recent months. The Energy Savings Trust offers hints and tips on how to reduce your business heating and electricity use. Worcestershire County Council also have a range of grant support available for eligible businesses.  

With the increase in energy costs, your business may find difficulty paying the energy bills. In the event your business is struggling to pay their energy bills contact your supplier and discuss any options for payment plans. If you can’t reach an agreement on a way to pay, please contact Citizens Advice 0808 223 1133. 

Over the last 12 months, a number of energy suppliers have ceased trading. Ofgem offer the following advice if your supplier has left the energy market. 

  1. Take a meter reading and don’t switch supplier
  2. Wait for Ofgem to appoint a new supplier
  3. When the new supplier contacts you, ask about their business tariffs and then make a decision on whether to switch supplier 

Alternative Fuel Payments 

If your business doesn’t use mains gas the Alternative Fuel Payment of £150 from Central Government is due to be credited to your energy account by 10 March 2023.

For information and advice on domestic energy please visit www.warmerworcestershire.com

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