Gypsies and travellers

Gypsies and travellers

Race Relations Case Law recognises English Romany Gypsies, and Irish Travellers as ethnic minorities.

These do not include New Age Travellers. English Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers have the same rights to race relations protection as other recognised ethnic minority groups, but most rights are available to all under the Human Rights Act 1988.

Public bodies have a legal duty to promote equality and racial harmony between these groups and others in everything they do, including decision making. Public bodies must also look to Human Rights legislation. This does not mean that Gypsies and Travellers receive special treatment - rather their needs should be balanced against those of the settled community.

The risks of unauthorised encampments

The Policy Towards Travellers is a joint policy, agreed by Worcestershire County Council, the six District Councils and West Mercia Police Authority to determine how encampments set up within Worcestershire are responded to.

Download: Joint Unauthorised Encampment Protocol (PDF) 

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