SEND concessionary top up bus pass

SEND concessionary top up bus pass

To request a pre-9.30am top up pass for use alongside the Concessionary Bus Pass.


  • You live in Worcestershire
  • you are attending an establishment in Worcestershire
  • You have an EHCP 
  • you have a Concessionary Bus Pass – please apply via the following link if you have not done so already - Apply for or manage your bus pass
  • Once you have your Concessionary Bus Pass, which is only valid after 9.30am, you can apply for a Top Up Pass from us which will enable travel before 9.30am

To apply for a top up pass

Please contact us via the email address below, with the following information so that we can process the Top Up request:

  • Student Name
  • Student Address
  • Student Date of Birth
  • Establishment
  • Concessionary Bus Pass Number (18 digits)
  • Concessionary Bus Pass Valid To date
  •  Is the Concessionary Bus Pass also a Companion Pass?

We will also then need an email from the Establishment the student will be attending to confirm enrolment for the coming year: E&

What happens next

Once we have received all the above information, a pass will be issued to your home address as soon as possible.


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