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Driver training


Assessments for drivers referred by GPs or Occupational Therapists (OTs)

On behalf of the NHS Occupational Therapy Department or GPs, we offer an assessment to those drivers whose medical condition may affect their driving skills. A standard charge is made to the driver, and with their permission, a detailed written report is forwarded to the OT or GP for discussion with the patient as to the way forward.

Mature Aware, Personal Safety (MAPS) assessments

These assessments are aimed at the "older" driver to give them peace of mind regarding their driving ability.  During the assessment, the driver will be given tips and advice on any area of weakness.

Assessments for minibuses, people carriers, vans, 4x4s, vehicles with trailers

Please note that anyone driving one of the Worcestershire County Council's vehicles must first undergo a driving assessment - this is a condition of Worcestershire County Council's insurers.

This risk-based assessment is carried out by one of our highly qualified driving instructors at a date, time and location to suit you. Upon successful completion, the driver is issued a permit which is valid for three years.

The scheme is open to any organisation that would like their drivers assessed as a matter of good practice. Usually the assessment takes about an hour. If a familiarisation is required, we can accommodate that. 

D1 driver training

Worcestershire County Council employees

  • drivers who passed their test after 1 January 1997 do not have the category D1 (PCV) entitlement on their driver licence and must take a further Department for Transport driver test if they wish to drive a minibus, this will enable them to drive for hire and reward (for example receive some kind of payment)

Non-Worcestershire County Council employees

Anyone learning to drive a bus or coach and intending to drive in a professional capacity in the EU must have a new qualification, the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence), in addition to the vocational licence. 

We can deliver training for up to three people at a time, at a very competitive rate.

How to book

Call the office on 01905 846827 or 01905 843251 or email

  • documentation required – sent at time of inquiry
  • costs - given on application