Worcestershire Special Free School

Worcestershire Special Free School

New special school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to be built in Malvern.


The Department for Education is inviting applications from proposer groups to open a new special free school in Worcestershire.

Applicant groups can access the key school specification information, along with the full ‘How to Apply’ guidance, on GOV.UK. You should read these documents carefully before completing mandatory pre-registration.

The school specification document sets out the key factual details about the proposed school, including the proposed size, SEND designation, age range, suggested top-up funding, and proposed site.

This document provides applicant groups with additional contextual information provided by Worcestershire County Council, which includes:

  • the rationale, context and need for the school
  • details on the commissioning of places, including the involvement of any other LAs commissioning places
  • a brief description of the existing provision in the area
  • future expected growth in pupil numbers
  • how the LA expects places within the school to be filled

Worcestershire Special Free School - Contextual Info (PDF)

What happens next:

9 May 2023: the DfE publish the How to Apply guidance and school specifications

6 June, 5:00pm - 6:00pm: online engagement event for potential applicants, via MS Teams

8 June, 5:00pm - 6:30pm: in-person engagement event for potential applicants at County Hall, Worcester

16 June 2023: Pre-registration closes

31 August 2023: DfE application window closes

If you would like to be kept informed about the engagement events, please email spp@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk to register your interest.

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