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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information updated 3 March 2021

This is the current information for Worcestershire Registration Service. It will be updated as circumstances change and supersedes any other information contained within our pages.

Registration offices

Please note: all registration offices in Worcestershire are closed to the public unless you have a pre booked appointment.

Birth registration

Due to the current Covid restrictions and lockdown, we are dealing with a very high demand for appointments.  We are working through those babies birth dates which are near to or over 42days.

We are currently contacting those, whose children were born in mid-January, if your child was born after this there will be a wait for us to get back in touch once you have completed the enquiry form below.  

If you have already completed this form; please do not send follow up emails or enquires, we will already have your details and will contact you once we reach the date of your child’s birth in our list. Please bear with us. 

Thank you for your patience whilst we work through this unprecedented demand for appointments, Please be aware that, because of the current Covid situation. If baby has not yet been registered, this does not prevent you from being able to claim child benefit.

Death registration

All death registrations are now undertaken by telephone. Once the paperwork has been received from the GP and/or Coroner we will call you to book in a date and time for the registration to take place via phone.

A registrar will then call on the chosen date and time to register the death with you. The form for the funeral will then be sent directly to the funeral director and burial or cremation authority for you.

Certificate services

Since 27 January 2021 certificate services have been suspended until further notice for all certificates.

Due to staffing issues we will only be able to produce certificates from recently registered deaths (all other certificate orders (including express orders), will not be processed until full service has been resumed.  

All certificate orders put through before 27th January 2021 will be processed as soon as we are able to.  


On 22 February 2021 the Prime Minister announced his plans for emerging from the current lockdown and presented a roadmap with a step-by-step plan to ease restrictions in England. The plans apply to all areas of England from the dates specified but are subject to the four tests outlined in the roadmap being met at each step.  

Marriages and Civil Partnerships in England

Current national restrictions remain in place and there are no changes for marriages and civil partnerships in England prior to 29 March. The changes planned are:

  • Step 1 (2nd stage): From 29 March – Legal limit of 6 attendees but no longer limited to ‘exceptional circumstances’
  • Step 2: No earlier than 12 April - Legal limit of 15 attendees 
  • Step 3: No earlier than 17 May – Legal limit of 30 attendees
  • Step 4: No earlier than 21 June – No legal limit on attendees (subject to the outcome of the scientific Event Research Programme – from April the government will run pilots for events such as large weddings to help determine how measures such as enhanced testing might allow large groups to attend without social distancing.)

As is currently the case, the number allowed to attend includes the couple, witnesses, and guests, but those working, such as registration officials and venue managers are not included

We are currently contacting everyone who has submitted an online Enquiry Form and they are being dealt with in priority order of date for your proposed forthcoming ceremony.

If you have not submitted an ‘enquiry form’ please use the link below, Please make sure to complete it in full; If you are moving a ceremony, then please enter in the details section, when and where the original ceremony was to allow us to locate your booking.  

We have created for our couples, an outline of the ceremony taking into consideration the current guidance from central government COVID-19 marriage and civil partnership ceremonies guidance

Guidance will change periodically, and we plan to update our guidance as and when any changes are published. We look forward to helping prepare for your special day and thank you for your continued support and patience.

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