Phase 4 of A38 BREP improvements

Phase 4 of A38 BREP improvements

Overview of the Phase 4 of A38 BREP improvements.

During the development of Phase 3, several factors have meant that the construction sector has been subject to severe inflationary pressures. As such, a prioritisation exercise has been undertaken on the original Phase 3 schemes.

Following a multi-criteria analysis the final phase of the A38 BREP Project has been split into two, creating a new Phase 4 created containing five of the schemes that were previously in Phase 3. These schemes are continuing to be developed; however, an update will be provided when more is known about the impacts of inflation and the availability of funding. The five schemes are:

  • Scheme G: A38 / Golden Cross Lane / Braces Lane
  • Scheme A: (Part): A38 / Hanbury Road
  • Scheme B: (Part): A38 / Bunsford Drive to Austin Road
  • Scheme 1: A38 / A448 (Oakalls Roundabout) to Birmingham Road
  • Scheme 5: Fordhouse Road to Carnforth Road

Other schemes may be introduced during the development of Phase 4.

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