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Young Adult Learning Worcestershire

Subcontracting control regulations


Worcestershire County Council (WCC) holds a contract with the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to deliver Programmes of Study/Traineeships to 16-19yrs (up to 24yrs with an Education & Health Care Plan) through the People Directorate (known as Young Adult Learning). The Contract, to deliver provision in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, is managed by Worcestershire County Council with subcontracted delivery arrangements in place to ensure geographical coverage to address mobility issues arising in shire counties.

Strategic aim

The main aim is to deliver a Programme of Study/Traineeship that engages and motivates young people, some of whom may not have had a positive, or successful, prior experience of learning, back into education or training and progressing on into mainstream further education or training.


  • the programme is one of the offers available to young people that will contribute to national priorities of increasing participation and achievement by 19 years old
  • to improve young people’s life chances and aspirations who are at risk of being NEET and pre-disposed to becoming unemployed in the future
  • to provide personalised learning in a supportive, safe environment
  • to support local economic development through high quality education and training that leads to further skills development and sustainable careers – aligned to Worcestershire LEP Priorities
  • to support the council's statutory duty under the Education & Skills Act (Raising the Participation Age) to ensure appropriate provision is available to meet the needs of all 16-18yrs including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people

WCC will support subcontracted delivery partners to ensure that staff are appropriately qualified, undertake continuous professional development and are committed professionals who are passionate about teaching and progressing young people to achieve their goals including being creative and imaginative; accountable for their actions; good role models. WCC ensures that 85% of the per capita funding (£3600) is made available to subcontracted delivery partners for the direct delivery of the programme.

Signed on Behalf of the Governors by Cllr Marc Bayliss (Chair of Governing Body)