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Broomhall Way Footbridge

Broomhall Way Bridge July 2020

This bridge opened on 5 July 2021

The footbridge, which will also be suitable for cyclists, links the new commercial and housing development to the south of the A4440 with Power Park in St Peter’s on the northern side.

This new bridge, which is funded by developers, provides a vital link between the new development to the south and the facilities and services in St Peter’s such as the shops, parks and the church to the north. It also improves access for people from the St Peter’s side of the road to attractions on the Norton side, enabling us to remove the temporary crossing by the Norton roundabout after completion of the bridge.

The Power Park image of how it will look

Broomhall Way Footbridge is one of four crossings that will be installed as part of the Southern Link Road scheme being delivered by the County Council. Crookbarrow Way Footbridge and Hams Way Footbridge are already open. An underpass near the Ketch roundabout is part of the Phase 4 works, currently under construction.

In addition to the installation of the Broomhall Way Footbridge, other works are being completed that are set to benefit the area. These include the upgrading of the footpaths and cycle ways, measures to lessen the impact of flooding on the park, a planting scheme to compensate for the vegetation clearance that was needed for the scheme to begin and an improved football pitch for the park.

During the works, most of the northern end of the park will be closed for safety reasons, including the cycle path running along the southern (Broomhall Way) boundary of the park. An alternative route via Old Norton Road, the northwest boundary of the park and Cranesbill Drive will be signposted. We currently hope to open the bridge in spring/summer 2021, once all of the relevant inspections have been completed.

Broomhall Way Footbridge Map

Map description – An aerial view of where the Broomhall Way Footbridge will be positioned over the A4440 Southern Link Road in Worcester. The map shows the positioning of the construction site in Power Park, where the new footpaths will be positioned and the location of the new football pitch.