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General Health and Social Care Courses for Adult Health and Social Care Providers


  • Adult Safeguarding Recognising, Responding Enquiring and Reporting (2 days)
  • Continence Catheter and Stoma care - This course covers infection control and prevention, how to support someone with a catheter and stoma. Correct fitting of a stoma bag, signs and symptoms to be aware that a catheter is not fitted or working properly.
  • Defensible Documentation - This course covers legislative requirements, importance of record keeping, how to store and record information in-line with data protection requirements.
  • Dementia (2 Days) - Covers what is dementia, types of dementia, sign and symptoms of dementia, early diagnosis and the benefits, impact of dementia on carers and family, person centred support, and touches on positive communication for an individual with dementia.
  • Diabetes Awareness - Covers type 1 and 2 diabetes, risk factors, signs and symptoms to be aware of, what is a healthy diet, self-help strategies, and the affect diabetes has on the body and long term complications.
  • Dignity in Care - This course is available to anyone working within the health and social care sector.
  • Empowering Choice Mental Capacity Act (MCA) / Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) (Half-Day) - Gives staff an understanding of the mental capacity act and DoLS, how it should be applied in care and how to support individuals who lack capacity to make choices.
  • End of Life Care - This course is available to people working predominantly in older people services. The course covers providing someone with a dignified death, acknowledging a person's choices about how they wish to die, providing emotional and physical support.
  • Epilepsy Awareness - Covers what is epilepsy, different categories, epilepsy management plans, PRN medication, how to support an individual during a seizure, when it is necessary to seek medical/ emergency help.
  • Loss and Bereavement - covers issues in relation to loss and bereavement.
  • Mental Capacity Act (MCA) / Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) for Practitioners and Decision Makers (2 Days)
  • Person Centred Approaches Including Risk Enablement. - This course looks at what is person centred care and person centred planning and how enabling adults with care and support needs to take risks is an integral part of this.
  • Nutrition and Hydration Principles of Care - This course is available to people working in health and social care settings.
  • Proactive Pressure Care - Covers why pressure care is important, risk factors, equipment available, good practice guidance, risk assessment.
  • Professional Boundaries - This course covers maintaining professionalism, understanding the difference between personal and professional relationships.
  • WRAP Training (Workshop Raising Awareness of Prevent) - Recognising radicalisation and extremism. A 1½ hour session looking at what is radicalisation, what makes someone vulnerable to it, what are the risks, how to recognise the signs and symptoms and what support there is to break the radicalisation process.
    • *WRAP workshops are open to Worcestershire County Council employees only.
  • Record Keeping and Data Protection - This course is available to anyone working in health and social care.
  • Stand Alone Vocational Units - 'UNIT 245' Understanding the context of Learning Disability- covers the history of learning disability services, what is a learning disability, causes of a Learning Disability, medical and social models of care, person centred care including age and ability appropriate communication.

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