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Mental Health/Learning Disability Courses for Adult Services Health and Social Care Providers


  •  Autism Spectrum Principles of Care - This course covers: what is autism and high functioning autism, impairments of social interaction, social imagination, and communication, Hypo and hyper sensitivity within the 5 senses, and theories and the importance of routine and structure. 
  • Challenging Behaviour Principles of Care - This course is available to staff working in learning disability services, mental health services and older people services. Covers: different behaviours that challenge, managing confrontational situations, antecedent behaviour charts, debriefing for staff.
  • Managing Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA) – (1 Day) - A course on de-escalation techniques. For staff involved in more complex behaviour management there is a 5 day course which covers legislation, de-escalation, breakaway techniques, behaviour management planning and how and when physical restraint can and should be used. 
    • *MAPA workshops are open to Worcestershire County Council employees only.
  • Mental Health First Aid - Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue.
    • For Mental Health First Aid enquiries and bookings please contact Toni Attwood, Senior Training Coordinator, Learning and Development Team Vocational Assessment Centre:
  • Understanding Mental Health Principles of Care - This course covers mental health legislation, what is mental health, different mental health conditions, and good practice in supporting an individual with mental health.

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