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Bespoke Courses


Some courses are more effective when delivered to the whole team. The Learning and Development Vocational Assessment team offer a range of bespoke courses that can be delivered within the workplace to teams.

We have also delivered specific courses for example, Learning Disability Syndromes (within a specific service), Medication and its use in learning disability practice.

The first step is to contact The Learning and Development Vocational Assessment Team, one of the team will then discuss the specific learning outcomes required so that the content of the course can be amended to ensure relevance to that team.

The team are also able to offer directly delivered courses to complement the eLearning modules that are available.

Subject areas on offer include:

  • Attachment Theory (1 Day) -  1 day Introduction to Attachment gives an overview of why attachment is important, an outline to theory recognition of signs of attachment and ways to support parents and carers to build positive attachments with children
  • Bespoke Child Safeguarding Training - this training is delivered to specialist teams as required; recently training has been delivered to the Bikeability Training Team
  • Defensible Documentation - examines legislative requirements, importance of clear record keeping, how to store and record information in-line with data protection requirements
  • Dementia (2 Days) - what is dementia, types of dementia, sign and symptoms of dementia, early diagnosis and the benefits, impact of dementia on carers and family, person centred support, and touches on positive communication for an individual with dementia
  • Epilepsy Awareness - covers; what is epilepsy, different categories, epilepsy management plans, PRN medication, how to support an individual during a seizure, when it is necessary to seek medical/ emergency help
  • Professional Boundaries - explores maintaining professionalism, the difference between personal and professional relationships
  • Single Accredited Units - understanding the context of working with people who have a Learning Disability. Explores the history of learning disability services, what is a learning disability, causes of learning disability, medical and social models of care, person centred care including age and ability appropriate communication


Jill Hopkins, Vocational Qualifications Administrator, Learning and Development Team Vocational Assessment Centre:

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