Online guides for parents

The Solihull Approach Online Parenting Courses

The Solihull Approach offer a number of free online courses available to parents, carers, and grandparents of children in Worcestershire.

These courses can be accessed on any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone in a number of languages, with the aim to: 

  • promote understanding of children’s behaviour within the context of developmental issues
  • promote the development of parent/child relationship
  • increase confidence and self-esteem in both parents and children
  • give parents a strategy for repair when things go wrong
  • promote reflective, sensitive, and effective parenting

For more information on accessing the following courses please visit: Solihull Approach - FREE online parenting courses in Worcestershire | Starting Well (opens in a new window) 

  • understanding pregnancy, labour, birth, and your baby
  • understanding your baby
  • understanding your child
  • understanding your child with additional needs 
  • understanding your child’s feelings 
  • understanding your teenager’s brain