Early help family support

What is early help ?

Early help means providing help and support to a child, young person or their family as soon as it is identified they need additional help and support. This could be at any point in a child or young person’s life for example in pregnancy right the way through to their eighteenth birthday. This can be help and support on more than one occasion as we know children’s needs change as they grow and develop, there is challenges in their communities and their family circumstances and situations can change too.

In Worcestershire we know that by us all working together and helping families access the right help and support at the right time, at the earliest opportunity we can support children and young people to meeting their full potential and try to stop the challenges or difficulties that they are facing from escalating for them and their family.

We are currently developing our family hub which gives children, young people and their families the opportunities to access help and support from a whole range of different services in different ways. This could be online, via the telephone or face to face.

Below is our online Family Hub page so please take a look at what help and support you can access directly: