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Landfill Environmental Monitoring Services Team

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Our technicians are skilled, reliable individuals who pride themselves on offering an efficient service producing results that you can have every confidence in.

We are well versed in the monitoring and management of closed landfill sites with over 45 years' experience between us. We will use our substantial knowledge and experience of similar sites to suggest areas of improvement, identify possible site issues and where applicable investigate areas for cost saving initiatives. We are uniquely aware of the issues faced by operators and owners of closed landfill sites and will use this knowledge to help deliver a tailored monitoring program if required. We are also available to monitor active sites in accordance with permit conditions as set out by the regulator.

We have worked with industry experts in the fields of landfill gas and leachate management and have been co-authors of a paper presented at the 15 International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium in Sardinia on the use of reed bed systems for methane removal from landfill leachates.


For more information please email or ring Kristy Thomas on 07769 886571.