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Landfill Environmental Monitoring Services

Gas monitoring

A person measuring gas with a device
  • routine or one off monitoring of internal and external gas boreholes using fully serviced and calibrated analysers
  • balancing of gas fields
  • groundwater and surface water sampling and level monitoring using low flow with flow through cell, 3 well volumes or bailing
  • leachate sampling and level monitoring
  • methane surveys of sites using a laser methane detector
  • site walkovers which may identify areas of gas migration through the cap and other features
  • site audits of above ground gas infrastructure
  • experience of flares, leachate pumps and tanks


  • desk studies
  • review of monitoring data
    • identifying long term trends
    • interpretation to identify issues
    • develop tailored monitoring regime
  • data storage and management


For more information please email or ring Kristy Thomas on 07769 886571.