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Pershore Infrastructure Improvement Scheme FAQ

Will any of the existing planting be lost?

Yes, a number of trees will require removal in certain locations, however they will be replaced in accordance with landscaping / ecological proposals in the planning submission.

When are you going to start construction?

Works could commence in Spring 2019.

How much is this going to cost?

The approximate cost is £11.6m and will be funded from a number of sources, for example, Worcestershire County Council, Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership and Wychavon District Council.

How long is it going to take to construct?

We anticipate construction could take approximately 2 years however this has yet to be determined. It may be possible for the improvement works to be phased and this may alter the overall time for completion of the works.

Where are you going to store construction material/vehicles?

The site compound will be at various locations determined by the contractor and any necessary land owner permissions. The contractor is to be appointed. 

Will I have lots of construction vehicles passing my house?

Construction traffic will be limited to what is needed for each element of the scheme and construction vehicles will not be allowed to use local residential areas.

How will commuters be affected during construction?

There will be times when disruption will be unavoidable. Worcestershire County Council will work closely with Contractors to minimise disruption by:

  • undertaking as much of the work offline as possible
  • using lane closures rather than traffic signals to protect workforce and road users
  • limiting the use of traffic signals to off peak times
  • using night time closures (these will be publicised) to undertake certain aspects of the works (resurfacing etc.)
  • where any footways are being realigned, temporary diversions will be provided; the public footpath along the railway will be closed during the works

Wyre Road/Station Road Junction: Why are you not building a roundabout?

Worcestershire County Council has concluded that a standard roundabout to replace temporary traffic lights next to a new housing estate in Pershore is not a feasible option. A standard sized roundabout is unsuitable as it would require land outside of the Council’s control to make it possible and would be significantly more expensive to implement. Traffic lights are more manageable and it is easier to control traffic flow, enabling priority towards strategic routes. The scheme will upgrade the three-way junction being provided by developers and will encourage the moment of vehicles along Wyre Road and the new link road. A signalised junction is also better for pedestrian and cyclist movements across the junction than a roundabout which would be significantly more expensive to implement.