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Support groups for parents and carers

Groups for parents and carers with children who have a special educational need or disability

Parent carers have told us that they get a lot of support and information from other parent carers, in a variety of ways. You may wish to join a local support group or you might prefer to make contact on social media or online or all of these!

We have produced a directory of Worcestershire support and online groups which have been recommended to us (Worcestershire County Council) as ones which other parents and carers have found useful. Most of them are run by outside providers and are not provided by the council. We have made every attempt to ensure all information held here is accurate, but we cannot accept any responsibility for third party services. Their inclusion here is for your information only and does not represent endorsement or recommendation by the council.

If you find that any of the links don't work, or you know of a group which isn't here, please let us know.


Online groups and discussion forums:

These online communities and groups are places where you can read about other people's experiences and post questions for other members to answer. We aren't able to list them all, but we've included ones recommended to us as a starting point.

Many of the Facebook groups are disability specific, so it's worth searching online using key words such as the disability and your location, town, district or county. Please bear in mind that some groups are Private and therefore you have to request membership, while others are open access to all. You may wish to search for Blogs online as well.

Parent Support Groups

There are a number of parent support groups in Worcestershire, many cover all disabilities, some are disability specific, some operate in certain areas of the county and others are countywide.
The groups are run by either parent carers, local charities or national organisations and are a great way of meeting others in similar circumstances.

Search our directory to find support groups in your area

Your local library

Many parents have also found books have been really helpful. However, because there are such a huge range of books available it is impossible to list them all here, but your local library will be able to help and also ask other parents if they can make any recommendations. Remember many books are available electronically through the libraries.

Find a library

Training for parents and carers

Parent and carers have told us that they would like information on specialist training opportunities which may be available for them. We have produced this list of training providers, most of them are run by outside providers and are not provided by the council. Find out more information on training for parents and carers