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Children's Disability and Additional Needs Register

What is a Children's Disability and Additional Needs Register?

Every Local Authority has a Children's Disability and Additional Needs Register (sometimes known as a Disabled Children's Register). It is used to gather information about any child or young person in Worcestershire with a special educational need and/or disability. We will use the information to help improve services for these children and young people because it will help us to understand more about what support is needed and where. The register is free to join and completely voluntary.

Why should I sign up to the register?

  • we can give your child a certificate saying that they are on our register - this could be used as proof as your child's disability (especially if their disability is not obvious) - this may also help you to get discounts at local and national attractions
  • adding your child's name to the register will help us and our partners to understand more about the needs of your child. - this will help us to plan future services for all children with special educational needs and disabilities in Worcestershire
  • if you give us your email address you can receive any news and updates around services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Watch the videos below where parent carer Iona Walton talks about the benefits of joining the register and our animation gives you an overview of the Children with Disabilities and Additional Needs Register

Animated Video Transcript

Who can be on the register?

  • any child or young person in Worcestershire with a special educational need and/or disability can be on the register
  • you do not have to provide any proof of need or disability and do not need to have a diagnosis and there are no assessments
  • it is completely voluntary and you can remove your details at any time
  • young people remain on the register until they are 18 years old - they will then receive an email asking if they would like to be removed;  if not, then they stay on the register until the age of 25 when their details will automatically be removed
  • only Parentcarers and young people can add themselves/their children on the register
  • professionals can only add children to the register if they get consent from the family

Sign up to the register

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Remove your details from the register

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How your information will be used

Worcestershire County Council and partners will use the information you give us to help design services to meet the needs of children and families. We will have tracking meetings twice a year with health, social care and education colleagues and Families in Partnership (the Parentcarer forum) to map out needs and ensure our services are meeting these needs. It is our responsibility to make sure that your information is kept safe. Where necessary and legally allowed, we will share anonymised information with trusted external organisations and commissioned providers in order to deliver services and support to children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Individual information about your child and family will not be shared with any external organisations or providers and you will not be contacted by anyone else other than Worcestershire County Council.

For any general enquiries relating to the register please email

For further information about how we will user your information, please read our Privacy Policy