Registering a birth

Please note that you must register a birth within 42 days of the child being born.

COVID-19 update 11 January 2021

Attendance at an appointment during current Covid-19 restrictions

For your safety and the safety of our team we respectfully request that you follow the guidance set out below:

  • if you are married or in a legal civil partnership; please can only one of you attend the registration if possible
  • if you are not married or in a legal civil partnership, then both of you must attend the registration
  • if possible, refrain from bringing your children (including your new-born)
  • upon attendance, please can you adhere to social distancing rules and follow the signage in the offices
  • before entering the registrar’s office; please use the provided hand sanitizer
  • please bring with you a black gel pen or biro, that you can use to sign the register page;  should you be unable to; a pen will be provided at the appointment
  • please note that we are only able to accept credit or debit card as payment for certificates
  • we request that face coverings are worn at your appointment

We hope you understand our reasoning in the current environment we find ourselves in and with this our commitment to protect our customers and staff at this time.

Who can register?

If you’re married or in a legal civil partnership:

  • either parent can register the birth
  • both parents will be named on the birth certificate

If you’re not married or in a legal civil partnership:

  • the father cannot register the birth on his own, but can go with the mother
  • only parents who go to the Register Office will be named on the birth certificate

Further information

For further guidance on who can register, the GOV.UK - Register a birth website (opens in a new window) provides comprehensive information on the process.

Information you need

When registering the birth, you should know:

  • place and date of birth of baby
  • baby's first name, last name and sex
  • parents' full name and address
  • parents' place and date of birth
  • parents' jobs
  • mother's address
  • mother's maiden name
  • date of the baby's parents' marriage or civil partnership

In order to improve the accuracy of the information contained in the registration and reduce the need for corrections, it is recommended that you bring supporting documentation with you to your appointment. Examples of recognised supporting documentation include:

  • passport
  • council tax bill
  • driving license
  • all marriage/civil partnership certificates
  • birth certificate
  • deed poll documentation

What you need to do

You must register a birth within 42 days of the child being born. You should do this at the local Register Office for the district where the baby was born or at the hospital. The hospital will tell you if you can register the birth there.

Make an appointment

To register a birth please book an appointment with us:

Book your appointment

If you need further clarification about your appointment before booking, please complete the Enquiry Form and one of our dedicated team will respond to you.

Complete an enquiry form

Registering a birth by declaration

If you are unable to register the birth in the district where the baby was born, you may register the birth by declaration.  Please see the information below relating to where you can register:

  • if your baby was born outside Worcestershire and you live outside Worcestershire then you will need to contact the registration office in the district where you live
  • if your baby was born outside of Worcestershire but you are a resident of Worcestershire then you have a choice of attending a Worcestershire registration office and stating the particulars for the registration; these details will then be posted to the office for the district where the birth occurred; there will be a delay in you receiving the birth certificate
  • alternatively, you may wish to attend the relevant registration office in person and receive your certificate immediately; if the latter is your preferred option you cannot make an appointment here but will need to contact the relevant office direct

Please see the GOV.UK website for alternative registration offices (opens in a new window)

Errors and corrections

As part of the appointment you will be given the registration page to check; this is to make sure all the details you have given are correct to the best of your knowledge.

You must also check to make sure you have spelt everything correctly, your signature on this document is your confirmation that you are happy with all the details given (this includes all spellings) any errors noticed once the registration has been completed are now subject to a consideration fee for the correction application*.

* Consideration by Registrar/Superintendent Registrar of a correction application £75.00.
* Consideration by the Registrar General of a correction application £90.00.

If a correction is required please contact us via email at

For further guidance on the correction process, the GOV.UK - Register a birth website (opens in a new window) provides comprehensive information.