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Re-register a birth

There are two circumstances where a birth can be re-registered

  • adding father's details if not recorded at the initial registration
    If the parents are unmarried and would like the natural father's details added to the birth record, they need to re-register the birth so that a new birth record can be created to replace the original one.
  • if the child's parents have married since the child was born
    If the natural parents have married each other since the birth, they need to re-register the birth so that a new birth record can be created showing the child as a child of the parents' marriage.

How to re-register a birth

You are required to book an appointment in a Register Office in the district in which the birth occurred.

Re-registrations for births inside of Worcestershire

If your child was born in Worcestershire you can make an appointment at any of our Worcestershire Registration Offices and receive the birth certificate immediately.

Re-registrations for births outside Worcestershire

Re-registered births can only be registered in the registration district in which the birth occurred. However, it is possible to provide the information to any Register Office in England or Wales.

These details will then be posted to the office for the district where the birth occurred. There will be a delay in you receiving the birth certificate as you will need to contact the register office in the district where the birth occurred and order the certificates directly with them.

Alternatively, you may wish to attend the relevant Registration Office in person and receive your certificate immediately. If the latter is your preferred option you cannot make an appointment here but will need to contact the relevant office direct.

Make an appointment

To re-register a birth please book an appointment with us:

Book your appointment

If you need further clarification about your appointment before booking, please complete the Enquiry Form and one of our dedicated team will respond to you.

Complete an enquiry form

More information about adding the fathers name to a child's birth certificate can be found on the GOV.UK - Adding a father's name to a birth certificate website (opens in a new window).

Documentation Required

To re-register a birth, you need:

NB. If the marriage was outside of the UK and the Marriage certificate is not already in English, then a translation is required, as well as the original marriage certificate. These documents may be sent off to the General Register Office to be authenticated, if so your appointment will not be able to be completed until authorisation has been granted.