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Digital Library Membership

If you haven't already got a Worcestershire library card, you can become a digital member instantly and get access to all of the online services, then upgrade to full membership when you next visit your library.

Digital Membership allows you to access our free eBook, eAudio and eMagazine collections as well as a wealth of other online resources. You will be able to use your membership online straightway to reserve a book to pick up from the library of your choice. Please note that you will need to bring proof of name and address in order to collect the book; this will upgrade you to a full membership.

Please note – you do not need to sign up to a digital account if you already have a library membership.

Apply for Digital Membership

Please also note. Standard reservation charge normally applies to reserved items, you can read more about reservations in our Library Services Fees and Charges page. Reservations for eBooks and eAudio books are free.