The Cabinet is responsible for most day to day Council decisions. The Leader of the Council, Councillor Simon Geraghty, appoints councillors to the Cabinet and these Cabinet Members have specific areas of responsibility.

Cabinet Member for Adult Services

Adrian Hardman has responsibility for the adult social care and joint commissioning with Health.

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Andy Roberts has overall responsibility for children’s social care (including policy development and quality assurance), child protection and family services – including children’s centres, corporate parenting and youth services.

Cabinet Member for Communities

Lucy Hodgson is responsible for the development and implementation of the ‘Act Local’ strategy, culture and community services including libraries, museums, music, archaeology, art, information management/the Record Office, the voluntary and community sector, registration and coroner’s services, countryside greenspace, localism and community leadership, trading standards and scientific services.

Cabinet Member for Economy and Infrastructure

Ken Pollock's responsibilities include strategic community and spatial planning, economic development and regeneration (including tourism), strategic transportation (including Local Transport Plan), Broadband, and responsibility for business partnerships including Local Enterprise Partnership matters.

Cabinet Member for Education and Skills

Marcus Hart has responsibility for education and the skills policy.

Cabinet Member for Environment

Tony Miller is responsible for waste management, strategic flooding issues and flood mitigation, environmental protection and conservation and environmental sustainability.

Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing

John Smith is responsible for health improvement initiatives and strategy, improving public health in line with public health-related targets, NHS partnerships, Health Service Strategy (including health and wellbeing board), community safety (including substance misuse), public protection and emergency planning.

Cabinet Member for Highways

Alan Amos is responsible for highways including road safety and street works. He also has responsibility for passenger and sustainable transport and public rights of way.

Cabinet Member for Transformation and Commissioning

Karen May is responsible for driving forward the Council’s change management programme as well as being responsible for legal and democratic services, property services, customer services, ICT and e-government, procurement, shared services, performance management, human resources, equalities and marketing and communications.

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