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Legal Services Charges

Commons and Village Greens

Legal Services Charges
CON29 £30 (Inclusive of VAT)
Copy of the register and Plan £30 (No VAT payable) 
Application under s15A(1) Commons Act 2006 (landowner statements) From £350 depending on the size and number of parcels of land. See Commons and village greens
Application to change the register to amend (apportion) a right of common No charge

Application to deregister common land under  
a) Section 19(2)(a) Commons Act 2006 and
b) Paragraphs 6-9 inclusive of Schedule 2 Commons Act 2006 

for further information concerning corrective applications see also Application to deregister common land

Varies see Application to deregister common land

Other copy documents

Legal Services Charges
Copy legal agreements (e.g section 38 Highways Act 1980) £48 (Inclusive of VAT)
Copy public rights of way diversion etc orders £7.50