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Youth Cabinet Meetings and Consultations


Youth Cabinet meetings are held once a month, where a wide range of issues that are important to young people are discussed. Members provide an update about what has been happening in their Districts and discuss any projects or campaigns that are being worked on as well as any other issues that are raised. Often meetings focus on a particular theme, with those who work in these areas invited along to hear the views of young people.

We can also host informal meetings to plan and prepare for campaigns and events when they are needed. In addition to these meetings, members of the Youth Cabinet can also get involved with various other opportunities if they so wish. This might include giving presentations at conferences or events, attending meetings to represent the views of young people, or helping out with other relevant projects and initiatives.

In the summer we will also meet for a two day residential where we have fun, plan and learn skills via workshops.


Worcestershire Youth Cabinet have a responsibility to seek out the views of their constituents (young people of Worcestershire). This is carried out throughout the year using various methods: Questionnaires, face to face interviews and Surgeries through the county held in youth settings.

Make Your Mark

Every year Worcestershire Youth Cabinet promote and take part in Make Your Mark ballot run by Youth Parliament and British Youth Council.

British Youth Council Make Your Mark

This is the largest national consultation for young people which asks you to vote on the top issue.

This consultation helps shape Worcestershire’s local campaigns and is used by councils and politicians to have a snapshot of what issues matter to young people.

Make your Mark 2022 Results

2,362 local young people voted in this year’s Make Your Mark consultation. There were given a ballot with topics and asked to vote on their top issue.

1.Environment - 501 votes

2.Jobs, Money, Homes and Opportunities - 468 votes

3.Education and Learning - 465 votes

4.Health and Wellbeing - 460 votes

5.Poverty - 261 votes

6.Our Rights and Democracy - 123 votes

7.Covid-19 Recovery - 84 votes