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Rail User Groups

National Groups

Transport Focus

Transport Focus is the independent national rail consumer watchdog; their mission is to get the best deal for Britain’s Rail Passengers. This independent public body was set up by the Government to protect the interests of Britain's rail passengers. Their objectives are:

  1. Understanding the needs and experiences of rail passengers.
  2. Securing tangible and measurable improvements for rail passengers.
  3. Empowering rail passengers with information, advice and advocacy.
  4. Influencing major long-term decisions that affect rail passengers.
  5. Being visible, accessible and understood by rail passengers and stakeholders.

Local Groups

Bromsgrove Rail Users Group

Bromsgrove Rail Users Group has the aim of campaigning for:

  • Stops at Bromsgrove for all local northern bound trains.
  • Improved station facilities at Bromsgrove to include disabled access, ticket buying facilities, better passenger shelters, improved car parking and toilet facilities.
  • These facilities to be provided by a new station south of the existing station.

Cotswold Line Promotion Group

The Cotswold Line Promotion Group is an entirely voluntary organisation formed in 1978, with the aim of safeguarding and promoting improvements to rail and bus feeder services along the Oxford to Worcester railway line.

In 1986 the group’s activities were extended to include the Worcester to Hereford line. It considers that a mixture of through and local services is essential to the future of the railway.

Stourbridge Line Users Group

The Stourbridge Line Users Group covers the line from Birmingham to Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Droitwich and Worcester although it also promotes rail services in adjacent areas.

The group is dedicated to improving the standard of public transport and aim to create a user-friendly rail service that meets all expectations of reliability, frequency and cleanliness. They also aim to protect the line to and beyond Birmingham and Worcester.