Moving Evesham Forward

There have been several interventions to try and address traffic moving around Evesham leading to congestion, affecting many of Evesham’s roads and the A46 Trunk Road that skirts around the town. The continual growth in travel demand affects many parts of the UK, but it is particularly felt in Evesham with its tight network of narrow roads and limited river crossings.

Evesham's transport issues with access and congestion cannot be remedied by a simple, single solution. Instead Worcestershire County Council, in partnership with Wychavon District Council, has worked to address the town's transport problems with a measured, incremental package of schemes that considers all modes of transport.

Other factors must also be considered when assessing the provision for transport in a town, and these relate to the availability of transport choice, including provision for public transport (rail, taxis, community transport and buses) and active travel (walking and cycling).

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