Early intervention family support

What do early intervention family support (EIFS) do?

EIFS works with Primary, Middle and Special Schools (including their nurseries) to provide support and guidance for children and their families when the needs are first identified at an early stage. The needs can be identified by parents, schools or other professionals which could include worries about bullying, health concerns, behaviour issues, routines and boundary advice and much more.

EIFS offers additional advice, guidance and expertise for the school in addition to its own pastoral provision. Support for children and families can be used to: 

  • improve home to school links and strengthen relationships between families and schools to include promoting  inclusion of children and reducing exclusions
  • improve attendance where it is impacted by issues at home,  such  as housing issues, financial  difficulties, family  relationship breakdown, parental ill health etc
  • improve attendance where there are issues around low level emotional well-being and mental health

What support is already available to you?

There is online information advice and guidance for families as well as health and wellbeing information available to you.

You could also have a look on the Groups for parents page as there are lots of free groups you can attend to learn new tools and tips to help improve things for your family.

Have you spoken to professionals who can help?

If you want some extra help you could talk to a number of professionals that  you  may  already  know  for example,

  • health visitor
  • at school this could be a trusted adult who works in the school (including school nurse) – you could also speak to your school about a drop in with your Early Intervention Family Support Worker
  • childcare provider (e.g. nursery or childminder)
  • college or other training places where you could speak to a trusted adult
  • GP or other medical person who has contact with your family

Request services from early help family support

Request services from early help family support

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Are you worried a child might be at risk?

If you are worried about a child you can make a referral to Children's Social Care