Early Help Assessment and guidance

What is an Early Help Assessment (EHA)?

The Early Help Assessment is a tool to assist any professional who is working with children, young people and families. It should be used where there are emerging welfare or well-being concerns. This is NOT a referral form but gives a framework to consider whilst working with a child or family.

It is not compulsory to use the Early Help Assessment but if at a later date you wish to refer the child or young person onto statutory services, there will be an expectation that you have completed this form

What is our Whole Family Process?

Step 1:

  • complete an Early Help Assessment with family, including a family action plan
  • set dates for review

Step 2: 

Step 3:

  • deliver package of Whole Family Support and review the plan
  • if support is needed for other areas, actively signpost to other appropriate private service for example Adult Learning, DWP, community  support

Step 4:

Guidance and forms

Download: Best Practice Attendance guidance (PDF)

Download: Early Help Assessment guidance (PDF)

Download: Early Help Assessment (Word document)

Download: Early Help Closing Summary (Word document)

Download: Early Help Pathway (PDF)

Download: My family support plan (Word)

Download: Example of level 2 Early Help Assessment (PDF)

Download: School Family Needs Form (Form A) (Word)

Download: Strengths Based Questions (PDF)

Download: Summary of Outcomes - Schools (Form B) (Word)