Key Stage two library support

Key Stage two library support

How libraries can support Key Stage two children.

Summer reading challenge

The challenge is open to all primary school aged children and is designed for all reading abilities.

School visits

Our library staff visit your school.

Story time

Our staff can read some fantastic stories to small groups of students in your school. The visits last 45 minutes.

Library visits

Bring your pupils for either a visit or education lesson at the library.

Our sessions last 45 minutes and allow time for exploring what our junior section has to offer. We have lots of activities you can choose from, here are some examples of what we offer for this age group:

Library tour

This guided tour to the library introduces the children to our spaces and helps them understand how resources are organised. This complements areas of literacy and information literacy in the curriculum as the children are introduced to the print items as well as the online search catalogue.


A fun, interactive story time that will encourage a lifelong love of reading and books. The stories can be linked to the curriculum or a topic of your choice. This session complements the 'Reading for Pleasure' requirement of the national curriculum.

How the library works - Finding what you need

This activity is aimed at helping pupils find their way around a school or public library including understanding how the library catalogue works to support their learning. We can theme our activities to support your topic work (e.g. Stone Age, people who help us, the human body etc.) This session introduces the children to the library space and helps them to understand the organisation of the resources. This complements areas of literacy and information literacy as they are introduced to the print items and the online search catalogue. 

Treasure hunt

A fun activity that encourages children to explore library spaces by looking for letters hidden in the library to make up a word. Can be themed based on the needs of the class. This session encourages children to explore and familiarise themselves with the space of the library.

Book blitz

This lively, fast paced 45 to 60 minute session encourages students to consider reading a wider range of books, authors, and genres. Pupils work as teams discussing a variety of books before coming together to vote for their favourites. Aimed at Years 4 upwards. The session complements the 'choice and choosing' aspect of the Reading for Pleasure requirement of the national curriculum.

Arrange a library or school visit

To book a library or school visit, please fill out our:

School visit booking form

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