School Zone

School Zone

Find out how libraries support reading for pleasure and discover our offer for schools.

Worcestershire library School Zone offer encourages and supports reading for pleasure and has a great collection of books for all ages.

The offer includes:

  • help for children to borrow up to 12 books on their library card
  • warm and safe spaces in libraries for children to access books, computers, and the internet
  • we offer a range of activities that pupils can participate in - either as part of a school visit to the library or a visit from library staff to your school
  • learning out of the classroom, encouraging inquiry and independent learning and promoting a love of reading

More detail is available below under each key stage

Reception and Nursery

How libraries can support children in Nursery and Reception.

Key Stage One

How libraries can support children in Key Stage One.

Key Stage Two

How libraries can support Key Stage Two children.

Key Stage Three

How libraries can support Key Stage three children.

Sixth form and College

How libraries can support sixth form and college students.

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