Relieving congestion

Relieving congestion

Read more on these webpages about how we intend to tackle congestion using the £5m pledged by Cabinet in addition to £6.6 million won as part of a bid to Department for Transport.

Improvement(s) overview

Relieving congestion across the county is a key priority for us.

Since the original £5m budget was allocated in 2017, we have been working through the known congestion sites to assess, design and implement solutions across the county.


In addition to the allocated budget, we also secured £6.6 million of funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) via the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF). 

This funding is ring-fenced for investment in areas that are key to boosting productivity including local roads with the aim of:

  1. Easing congestion and provide upgrades on important national, regional or local routes
  2. Unlocking economic and job creation opportunities
  3. Enabling the delivery of new housing developments

We won two separate bids:

  • £3.4m of which has been used to fund the walking and cycling improvements in Bromsgrove
  • £3.2 for improvements along the A44 through Worcester’s city centre

Bromsgrove improvements

Across Bromsgrove district, we have enhanced several key walking and cycling corridors into the town. As well as these, we have:

  • improved the Hanover Street crossing facility to the south and Market Street crossing to the west of the town
  • upgraded the crossing on the A448 Kidderminster Road, that helps link the Sanders Park cycling links to the town centre

Worcester improvements

In Worcester, we have successfully:

  • introduced new crossing schemes at Croft Road and Pheasant Street
  • enhanced the Sidbury and St John’s areas of the city, with partial funding being achieved through this NPIF funding bid

Other work in the county

A further £10m budget was allocated to four key junctions across the county:

  • Hoobrook roundabout in Kidderminster has been signalised
  • we have upgraded the signalised junction of Port Street in Evesham, and added a push button-controlled crossing facility
  • the A38 Upton roundabout construction
  • upgrade the junction of Parkside in Bromsgrove

We will continue to assess future sites of congestion concern and work to improve the county moving forward.

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