Port Street, Evesham

Port Street, Evesham

Work to make improvements to Port Street and at the Waterside and Port Street Junction in Evesham form part of the council’s commitment to relieve congestion and enhance town centres across the county.


The main scheme objectives were:

  • improvement of street aesthetics 
  • improvement of footfall, time spent in the street and encouraging of non‐vehicular transport 
  • improvement of safety for all users
  • reduce congestion at the junction of Port Street and Waterside
  • reduce journey delays through the junction of Port Street and Waterside

The works included:

  • repaving the footways on Port Street from its junction with Waterside to its junction with Church Street
  • reconfiguration of the area near the former Talbot Pub, introducing a more clearly defined route for pedestrians, a better defined bus stop and a new loading bay at the carriageway edge
  • reconfiguration of the Waterside/Port Street junction to include updated traffic signal technology, the introduction of a push-button controlled pedestrian crossing across Waterside and increased capacity for vehicles passing through the junction
  • upgrade of traffic signal technology at the two existing push-button controlled crossings on Port Street
  • upgrade of street lighting to energy efficient LED lamps


The works were completed in Summer 2021.

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