Shrub Hill our vision

Shrub Hill our vision

With transformed national connectivity, inspiring heritage and high quality spaces, Shrub Hill will evolve as a vibrant new neighbourhood for Worcester.

It will be a home in the city for new, high quality employment and enterprise, and a desirable and inclusive place to live and spend time. 

Supporting our wider investment and growth aspirations for Worcester and Worcestershire, Shrub Hill will become established as an exemplar for successful and inspiring urban renewal and investment.

Our Vision fuses all the aspects of the historic, current, and future Shrub Hill ‘place’ together.

It establishes a set of long-term strategic, economic and spatial ambitions which are shared by partners and which can be mobilised immediately. 

It focuses on the type of place that Shrub Hill can and should be and the types of interventions and direct actions that will support this. 

The Vision is built around three overarching ambitions. All three of these ambition are highly interlinked, and are underpinned by three separate technical studies: the Shrub Hill Spatial Blueprint, the Shrub Hill Economic Strategy Principles and the Shrub Hill Station Masterplan.

To succeed, a coherent and balanced approach to delivery will be required which progresses each of these ambitions in tandem: 

Ambition 1: Shrub Hill will be known as a high quality and distinctive neighbourhood, with new residents, new employment and new leisure activities. 

Ambition 2: Shrub Hill will establish a diverse and productive economy, catalysing the growth of the city’s future economy. 

Ambition 3: Shrub Hill will transform its connections within Worcester and beyond, with the station establishing the new neighbourhood’s gateway character

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