Shrub Hill next steps

Shrub Hill next steps

Delivery against these three ambitions will require long term commitment, and continual work to track progress and adapt as needed to changing contextual and delivery drivers.

However, significant delivery momentum has already been achieved via Worcester County Council's acquisition of the Shrub Hill Industrial Estate, establishment of delivery and governance mechanisms and leveraging of a substantial amount of government funding. 

Building from this platform, significant progress can be made in delivering against our vision over the next 5 years, 10 years, and beyond: 

By 2027 Shrub Hill will have a new and recognised identity, underpinned by a rolling and exciting placemaking programme, with a growing enterprise community, and by enhanced rail connectivity to London, Oxford and Bristol. Transformed public realm will help residents, workers and visitors to move through Shrub Hill, while also encouraging them to dwell and experience the area.

By 2032 Shrub Hill be established an attractive new neighbourhood within the City, with a new residential and business community accommodated within the exemplar early phases of development, and with transformed national rail connectivity helping to introduce Worcester to new markets and audiences. 

By 2042 Shrub Hill will be maturing as a mixed use neighbourhood, home to a dynamic business ecosystem and an integrated residential community. Later phases continue to push the bar in terms of quality & innovation, underpinned by the value uplift which has been realised as a result of enduring commitment to the long term development ethos. The area will be renowned as a successful example of public sector driven & curated urban renewal.

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