Bromsgrove town centre improvements

Bromsgrove town centre improvements

On this page you will find information about the planned upgrades to the High Street in Bromsgrove, which aims to deliver improvements to the public space environment in the town centre.


The Government has announced that Bromsgrove District Council was successful in its bid for funding from the ‘Levelling Up Fund’. As a result, Worcestershire County Council is working in partnership with the District Council to deliver public space improvements in the town centre.

The scheme will deliver a high-quality public space using sustainable, maintainable and appropriate surfacing materials which will complement the surrounding area. There will also be upgrades to signage, road markings and street furniture to enable a space and route that is attractive, safe and uncluttered.

The public space upgrades in Bromsgrove Town Centre will take place in the South End of the High Street, outside the pedestrianised area, and works will include:

  • footway areas upgraded with new paving
  • the planting of semi-mature trees and new benches
  • new hooped cycle stands
  • new bollards
  • drainage improvements
  • peak time loading bay and taxi rank lengths remaining as they are

Work is due to start on the High Street site in Spring 2024 and will take approximately 26 weeks to deliver. However, the timing given above is indicative and may be subject to change.

The works will be carried out under a one-way road closure, Monday to Friday, with the road closed to traffic in the eastbound direction. The road will be fully open at weekends.

Pedestrian and vehicle access

Pedestrian and vehicle access will be maintained throughout the works at all times.

The taxi rank and loading bay will be closed for the duration of the works, however temporary loading facilities will be signed on site as necessary.

In order to facilitate deliveries to the pedestrianised area of the High Street, the current one-way traffic order will be reversed, Monday to Friday, to allow delivery vehicles to access the High Street from the north side, via The Strand. Appropriate signage will be in place to highlight this.

Towards the end of the programme, Worcester Road will need to be closed between 07.30am and 17.00pm, Monday to Friday, for up to 4 weeks. A diversion route will be signed.

The extents of the one way closure are shown on the maps.

One way closure to B4184 Eastbound and Worcester Road closure maps (PDF)

Proposed design

The proposed design for the High Street can be seen below:

High street plan showing the types of pavement, benches and cycle stands that will be found along the road.


Before photos

The photographs below show the current High Street, which is in need of improvement.




If you have any comments, questions or concerns about the arrangements please do not hesitate to contact the Ringway Customer Care telephine 08449 672558 or email:

Alternatively, if your query is of a more general nature, please email the Major Projects Team at Worcestershire County Council and we will do our very best to help.

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