Complaints about Conduct of Councillors

Complaints about Conduct of Councillors

The Council has a Code of Conduct that sets out the rules governing the behaviour of its Members. All elected Councillors and co-opted members of the Council with voting rights (collectively called "Members"), are covered by this Code and are expected to follow it.

The Code of Conduct covers areas of individual behaviour such as Members abusing their position or misusing the Council's resources. In addition, there are rules governing disclosure of interests and withdrawal from meetings where Members have relevant interests. Members are also required to record their disclosable pecuniary interests.

The Council has appointed a Standards and Ethics Committee to promote and maintain a high standard of conduct by Members. It is made up of elected Councillors and 3 independent members (who are neither Councillors nor employees within local government).

If you feel that a Member has breached the County Council's Code of Conduct you will need to refer your complaint in writing to the Monitoring Officer. Using this form will help ensure that sufficient information is provided for the Monitoring Officer to review the complaint.

Your complaint must relate to the Code of Conduct and the behaviour of Worcestershire County Council Members when exercising their function as member. It must state the nature of the alleged breach and provide sufficient information to allow the Monitoring Officer to decide whether the complaint should be formally investigated as a potential breach of the Code, having regard to the filtering criteria.

Please note that complaints about Council Staff, matters not covered by the Code of Conduct, the way the Council has or has not done something and decisions of the Council and services it provides cannot be dealt with under this process.

Complaints that a Member has breached the Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the Monitoring Officer, in consultation with an Independent Person and/or Chairman of the Committee in order to decide whether there should be a formal investigation or other action (if any) and the outcome of any formal investigation is referred to a Hearing Sub-Committee of the Standards and Ethics Committee. A member has a right of appeal against a finding of a breach of the code which will be heard by an Appeals Sub-Committee.

If you wish to discuss your complaint, please contact the Monitoring Officer.

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