Elected Members Privacy Notice

Elected Members Privacy Notice

Elected members are elected to represent their community on the Council.

Elected Members must ensure that any personal information they hold or use in their office as an elected member for council business is treated in line with data protection legislation (UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)).

Elected Members will receive information from Worcestershire County Council as a part of their role as an elected member (e.g. where an elected member sits on a committee or panel). In such cases, Worcestershire County Council is the data controller for this information. Worcestershire County Council's Full Privacy Notice provides information about how the Council handles your data.

Each individual Elected Member at Worcestershire County Council is also an individual data controller in respect of the casework that they undertake for their residents. As part of their work in the community, elected members contact officers of the Council and other organisations on your behalf to investigate your concerns and respond to your enquiries, this is often referred to as ‘casework’.

This privacy notice sets out how Elected Members will use your personal data to process enquiries and / or correspondence.

Downloadable version of the notice: Elected Members Privacy Notice (PDF).

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